ISABELLA 545 (work-in-progress) is an upcoming collaboration between choreographer, Hilary Brown and film writer and director, Clara Leac. The work will critique and manipulate (mis-)representations of female identity and intimacy, through psychological and technological lenses. Continuing their extensive research into narrative cinema and feminist film theory, the duo will experiment with varying concepts of gaze, to share the distinct stories of 4 pairings in the form of vignettes. The vignettes performed by Brown and dance artist, Magda Kaczmarska, will feature multi-location and live-video streaming experiences, as well as an original score by composers, Lamy Istrefi Jr. and Judi Silvano.

Concept and Direction by: Hilary Brown | HB² PROJECTS and Clara Leac
Choreography by: Hilary Brown | HB² PROJECTS in collaboration with Magda Kaczmarska
Video by: Clara Leac in collaboration with Hilary Brown | HB² PROJECTS
Music Composed by: Lamy Istrefi Jr. and Judi Silvano
Performance by: Hilary Brown, Magda Kaczmarska, Clara Leac (camera), Lamy Istrefi Jr. (drums + percussion) and Judi Silvano (vocals)